Inbound marketing: from creative content to customer love

Inbound marketing is no longer a totally new concept, already in the late 2000s Lusch and Vargo (2009) discussed that with the rise of a network economy, customers were part of an extended enterprise and co-producers of the firm’s marketing.

In both inbound and outbound marketing, enterprises embraced a goods-dominant logic, where the focus was on efficiently producing units of output usually far removed from the customer.

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5 PR lessons from Frank Underwood

House_of_Cards_title_cardFrank Underwood lies, cheats and steals—but he’s also a goldmine of PR wisdom. The notoriously praised, self-made potentate is America’s president in the hit Netflix series “House of Cards.”

He might have murdered a few innocents and possibly stepped on a sea of toes in his rise to glory, but behind that impenetrable façade—where his soul should be—there are witty, quotable snippets of public relations wisdom. Continue reading

How brands and advertisers surprise us with their interactive advertising in print media

Interactive advertisingThe fact that technology has completely changed the advertising universe is clear and unquestionable. For good or bad, evolution and change are a constant in our lives, and the world of advertising evolves and changes too.

As digital media evolve and continue to grow at high speed, traditional print media will not cease in its efforts to overcome itself to keep up and to avoid becoming obsolete. The same applies to the advertising field. While other media like the Internet are icreasingly offering better and more diverse advertising solutions to reach audiences, traditional media has to deal with a “migration” of brands and advertisers to the digital and the online environment. Continue reading

3 reasons why social networks will shape the future of online advertising

Social networks are increasingly present in the daily life of consumers and brands, who have seen in them a way to reach consumers and create conversations with them. However, social networks are not just a place to talk or a new ground for experimenting with brand image. Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful tool on the Internet which has more and more market niches for work and applications. Continue reading

Find out the hidden meanings of these 10 logos!

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Everybody recognizes the famous logo of Amazon. But did you know that there are three different symbolic messages stuck in it?

Here is a list of 25 logos that handled hidden messages within their famous brands. These include a Facebook logo secretly indicating that there’s another company it wants to kill, a message that you will not understand unless you know Morse code, and an actual cryptogram. Continue reading

Playing with customers’ feelings in order to get them to buy

The majority of the decisions that we make at the moment of buying something are irrational, produced in a moment of euphoria by emotions that drive us to get products that lots of times we don’t need. Besides, there are a lot of “tricks” that marketers use to provoke feelings that induce consumers to purchase a particular thing.

Appealing to the emotional side of people is one of the most used practices by advertising and the most successful. 31% of marketers recognize the benefits of emotional campaigns while the benefits of rational campaigns represent only the 16%. Continue reading