Playing with customers’ feelings in order to get them to buy

The majority of the decisions that we make at the moment of buying something are irrational, produced in a moment of euphoria by emotions that drive us to get products that lots of times we don’t need. Besides, there are a lot of “tricks” that marketers use to provoke feelings that induce consumers to purchase a particular thing.

Appealing to the emotional side of people is one of the most used practices by advertising and the most successful. 31% of marketers recognize the benefits of emotional campaigns while the benefits of rational campaigns represent only the 16%.

But there are many ways to get to the emotions of consumers, it is not necessary to only bring joy or sadness. The fear that a product is sold out, guilt in charitable causes, trust in a brand, a sense of community, the immediate gratification or leadership are some of the feelings that marketers try to transmit to potential buyers.

Language is also key to convince consumers and what works best are brief and simple terms. Words are replaced like ‘immediately’ by ‘right now’, ‘perhaps’ by ‘maybe’, or ‘additionally’ by ‘there’s more’.

When it comes to e-commerce terms like ‘free shipping’, ‘free returns’, ‘in store return option’, ‘ability to use in tore coupons online’ or ‘in store pickup option’ are often used. But undoubtedly the word that performs better is ‘free‘.

The folks at CoxBLUE developed an infographic that displays how to incorporate emotions in marketing communications. Take a look!

marketing emotions


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