3 reasons why social networks will shape the future of online advertising

Social networks are increasingly present in the daily life of consumers and brands, who have seen in them a way to reach consumers and create conversations with them. However, social networks are not just a place to talk or a new ground for experimenting with brand image. Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful tool on the Internet which has more and more market niches for work and applications.

Facebook and Twitter are not just places where we talk but also emerging giants for advertising. Both platforms are getting more and more interest from brands that want them as a support for their campaigns and are becoming a larger portion of the advertising cake. But its relationship with brands and advertising is not going to simply stay there. Social networks are becoming a powerful boost for the advertising market, which has an influence that goes far beyond what happens in them and which has an increasingly cross capacity.

The online advertising market is becoming more social. Social advertising and social marketing are becoming increasingly popular and important in the market. Social networks are the ones that will set the standard in online advertising in the future and, to justify this position, here are three key points:

1. Facebook’s advertising platform is becoming mature

Facebook gets more and more consumers of different ages, places and interests, which turns the social network into an attractive reference for brands. But the truth is that it has not only matured concerning the usage of the product and its consumers. Facebook is maturing as a product itself and as a platform. Facebook is no longer just a social network to hang out, it’s much more complex.

Facebook just updated its Facebook Audience Network (FAN), which has enabled manufacturers to access new formats of ads that are more attractive and convenient. Now mobile application publishers can use it to serve ads natively, without having a worse quality of service than they could have on Facebook. The social network has applied its strengths in this new segment, becoming a very important tool in the field of mobile advertising.

2. Twitter has also entered adulthood

Still, Facebook is not the only social network that has been upgraded to a new level and that has become a platform that goes beyond its own needs and its own workplace. Twitter has also matured.

Twitter is also trying to get a place in the mobile advertising market as it has re branded its service for developers, now Twitter Audience Platform (TAP), and added new services and features. Now you can launch ads on the platform to get engagement in tweets, video views, apps installing or engagement with the brand itself.

3. Social networks’ strengths are strengths for advertising

Social networks are also coming out of their own limits allowing applications to extend their advertising features, such as the segmentation capacity, at other levels and outside their environments. For example Twitter’s recent updates allow the export of data to better understanding consumers. However, the best example of how the strengths of social networks can be exported and modified in online advertising is Atlas.

Atlas is the Facebook platform that allows the usage of information from the social network to make advertising decisions. It serves to better understanding consumers and allows Facebook to get a prominent position in the advertising market. Thanks to this, Facebook’s got a forward position in the advertising market and could become a much more global player in online advertising in the future. EMarketer predictions, in fact, suggest that Facebook and Twitter will own a third of the display of the Internet advertising market in 2017.



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