Find out the hidden meanings of these 10 logos!

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Everybody recognizes the famous logo of Amazon. But did you know that there are three different symbolic messages stuck in it?

Here is a list of 25 logos that handled hidden messages within their famous brands. These include a Facebook logo secretly indicating that there’s another company it wants to kill, a message that you will not understand unless you know Morse code, and an actual cryptogram.

1- Vaio

In the Sony Vaio logo, the letters ‘V’ and ‘A’ represent an analog wave while the ‘I’ and ‘O’ represent a binary code.


2- Facebook Places

Facebook Places was Facebook’s response to the now disappeared Foursquare application. Note that the red arrow points to a number four… an indication of its intended target.









3. Skitch

I like Skitch’s logo because it looks like the feathers of an arrow, but those feathers duplicate an ‘S’ and its reflection.


4. Cisco

Cisco’s logo is a digital signal which has the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is located in San Francisco (United States), the city after the company is named.


5. Amazon

You have probably noticed that the Amazon logo contains a yellow arrow that bends like a smile, but have you also noticed that the arrow points from A to Z?


6. Eighty20

The squares in the logo of the company of data analysis Eighty20 represent binary code: Topline, 1010000, meaning 80, and 0010100 meaning 20.


7. Biz Stone Q&A app Jelly

Sure, the logo of the co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone Q & A app Jelly, looks like a jellyfish. But it is also a brain!


8. Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Gamecube’s logo is famous for being smartly designed: It’s not just a cube within a cube, it also shows the letter G surrounding a C in the negative space.


9. Quip

The logo of the document creator Quip is obviously a Q, but it is also a pen about to write on a sheet of paper.


10. Microsoft XNA

Microsoft XNA is a game development tool. The logo contains a combination of Morse code for XNA. “- · -” Means X “- ·” means N, and “-” means A.


Did you know the hidden messages of these logos? Do you know any other logo with a secret meaning?



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