How brands and advertisers surprise us with their interactive advertising in print media

Interactive advertisingThe fact that technology has completely changed the advertising universe is clear and unquestionable. For good or bad, evolution and change are a constant in our lives, and the world of advertising evolves and changes too.

As digital media evolve and continue to grow at high speed, traditional print media will not cease in its efforts to overcome itself to keep up and to avoid becoming obsolete. The same applies to the advertising field. While other media like the Internet are icreasingly offering better and more diverse advertising solutions to reach audiences, traditional media has to deal with a “migration” of brands and advertisers to the digital and the online environment.

However, the business of traditional advertising and the resourcefulness of many creative and advertisers have proven that there are innovative ways to use new technologies to bring the most traditional advertising into a new dimension.

Interactive Print, CinePrint, Augmented Reality, QR codes… All these names and technologies are certainly familiar to everyone who have seen the mobile revolution as a new opportunity to convert traditional ads in a “new show” to attract more attention.

The final ingredients are undoubtedly the inventiveness and creativity. But what are the big brands doing? What are their most creative innovations and bets? How do they surprise us with this fusion of traditional media and new technologies?

To answer these questions, we have selected some interesting videos so you can see the most innovative ideas that brands came up with. Here are some interactive advertising campaigns in print media that certainly won’t leave you indifferent:


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