Inbound marketing: from creative content to customer love

Inbound marketing is no longer a totally new concept, already in the late 2000s Lusch and Vargo (2009) discussed that with the rise of a network economy, customers were part of an extended enterprise and co-producers of the firm’s marketing.

In both inbound and outbound marketing, enterprises embraced a goods-dominant logic, where the focus was on efficiently producing units of output usually far removed from the customer.

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3 reasons why social networks will shape the future of online advertising

Social networks are increasingly present in the daily life of consumers and brands, who have seen in them a way to reach consumers and create conversations with them. However, social networks are not just a place to talk or a new ground for experimenting with brand image. Social media is becoming an increasingly powerful tool on the Internet which has more and more market niches for work and applications. Continue reading